Our supplier is the beauty of the Ozark forest.  The limestone soil base and Missouri climate offer ideal conditions for consistently tight grain wood.  Maintaining a natural balance in these forests replenishes our valuable resource.  And our passion for trees can carry on through untold seasons.

Ozark Forest


Every detail of our production contributes to the beauty and the longevity of the flooring.  Computer-controlled kilns dry our long-length lumber to six to nine percent, ensuring consistency in wood color and texture.  By using a Weinig molder, we precision mill the lumber, which leads to a smoother fit and finish.  These dependable production standards help installation proceed smoothly.


Quality is truly upheld by the people behind the equipment.  To surpass industry standards, we have ongoing quality assurance checks.  Our dedicated associates monitor production using computerized tracking for accessible data and reliable grading.  The inherent work ethic in the roots of the Midwest contributes to a culture of quality.


Only through personal integrity can we sustain nature’s beauty through to the finished product.  We specialize in unfinished plank and strip flooring, typically sent in nested bundles.  We also offer the flexibility of mixed loads and custom orders.  Attentive service and honest communication are trademark aspects of our daily operation.

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